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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 27, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we are not really here. that's it for "special report" tonight. i'm shannon bream from washington. captions by closed captioning services the factor starts right now. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> i'm going to rely on the people of iowa. i'm going to rely on you. the positive with positive solution. >> we have in washingn a class of people who spent their whole time in washington. they don't understand how the economy works. >> eric: republic presidential candidates back on the trail in iowa with only eight day to go until the caucuses. carl cammeron will have the latest from the hawkeye state. >> the top. >> i think most americans want to get into that top 10%. >> president obama's class warfare strategy facing criticism from unexpected precincts. we will debate it? >> what was the biggest thing you were wrong about?
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>> and o'reilly, romney. we will show you the best of that no spin interview. >> bill: does he scare you? does barack obama scare you? >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> eric: hi, everybody, i'm eric bolling in tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. we hope everybody had a very merry christmas. lots of political news to get to tonight beginning with polling in iowa that shows ron paul with a slight lead over mitt romney while newt gingrich is appearing to fade with just days to go before the iowa caucuses. as the candidates begin to descend on the hawkeye state, could there be a dark horse candidate? joining us now from des moines iowa is fox news channel chief political correspondent carl cammeron. carl, you are there. you are boots on the ground, my friend. what are you saying, what do you know? >> the candidates are going to
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be arriving here obviously today for the last sprint tomorrow and take us through the caucuses january 3rd. 7:00 a one hour event where we will hear each of the candidates an opportunity to speak or representative will make a 5 minute speech. then iowans will have a chance to make a write-in choice for who they prefer. the thing to remember here eric is a record turnout will be 120,000 iowa caucus goers in this process. multicandidate field means one of them could win it as few as 40,000 votes. every single poll leading up to christmas suggest that more than half of iowa caucus goers have not firmly made up their minds. in the last seven days to find those needles in the hay stacks will be ferocious. there is not a big turnouts involved here. getting few people to give up their evenings first tuesday after the long three day new year's holiday.
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millions in ads. weeks and weeks of busing across the state by the candidates. going to come down to a small entire nation's contest for nominating the republicans. right now rick santorum who has been far far back in the polls has a little bit of buzz because he has gotten some of the prominent evangelical conservatives in this state to throw their support behind him. but he is well, well backed. ron paul has surekdz in the final weeks of this race to the top of the polls but whether or not he has the organization to sustain that is questionable. mitt romney has been steady in the low 20's for the duration of this campaign in the polls he came in second with about that number. four years ago. that was against hike huckabee. there is no huckabee organization in the campaign for romney to compete against this time. so romney could potentially pull off a win in iowa even though he didn't campaign here aggressive willly this time. newt gingrich his lead in the poll seems to rapidly be plummeting to third place
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position and he doesn't have a lot of organization admittedly so because he got started so late and surge late in the game. entirely possible, eric, we won't have the idea in all the caucus votes are cast and looking to a three or four way race. >> why ron paul. why the strength in ron paul recently. what do we attribute that to? >> sure. there is two things we have got to remember. ron paul and mitt romney are only the only repeat candidates in the field. they have been around. in the case of ron paul he ran as a libertarian a long time ago. this will actually be his third race. they still have establishment. ron paul has two key constituents. young people. while the universities and colleges will be out for their winter break perhaps those folks won't be around. the truth is most of those students at iowa state or
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university of iowa, et cetera they live here so they will just go home. they won't caucus on campus they will go to their towns. thed me i can't be age of caucus goers in iowa are 65. seniors participate in this. ron paul isn't as strong as mitt romney who has that organization left over from the last time where he did quite well with seniors. his buzz and thiewsm is what makes him -- because of the devotion of his followers he he could do well. if the numbers go higher that could be mitt romney's success. rick santorum getting lots of headlines. not because he wins or comes in second but because he so far exceeds expectations coming from single digits in the polls shows 10 digit jump is showing that rick santorum getting interest from republicans. that for a shored time newt
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gingrich, prior to that mccain and prior to that perry. when we talk about frenzied chase for caucus goers in iowa. last year and a half republicans have been playing about their field saying they want a stronger christian conservative to mid romney. that lack of conservative, division among conservatives in the caucus process is part of why the enthusiasm is tempered here. republicans desperately want to beat barack obama but they are still not entirely thrilled by their choices. as we head into the last week, that's part of the reason some are undecided. this really don't know who is best to group against barack obama yet. >> eric: carl, real quickly, half minute or so, there has been a lot of talk on the internet about sarah palin. there is grass roots effort to get her somehow some buzz in iowa. given this amount of time left before the caucuses, is there -- do you hear any of that first of all? >> well, listen, there is cocktail circuit conversations and parlor whipperring in iowa
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and manchester and colombia, south carolina and k straight in washington. lots of republicans still hoping somebody is going to come off the bench and run. now with a week before the caucuses and the process starting we have already seen the problems that late entries into the field have suffered. with their inability to get into the rhythm of this campaign. their inability sometimes to just manage their own rhetoric and their own personal ways sellable to the across the country. to get in the "american idol" of the stream now that the mayor than has begun very very difficult. all of those candidates who said no to this point it would be very hard to imagine it but republicans all over this state and all over the campaign trail are still hoping against hope that that happens. for mitt romney who has been in the lead in the polls and watched all these candidates come up and challenge him for the lead, this is essentially what he had envisioned the entirety of this last year campaign. he knew he could fate these
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charges and whether or not he could sustain it. we will find out in eight days. voters will get their say instead of all of us. >> eric: thank you very much. stunning news in virginia. newt gingrich and rick perry failed to get the 10,000 signatures required for a candidate's name to be on the ballot. the news is particularly troublesome for mr. gingrich since he resides in virginia. his campaign was not happy about the news posting a statement on facebook. newt and i agree the 1941. we experienced a unexpected sit back. we will regroup and refocus with determination, commitment and positive action, end quote. gallup daily tracking poll has gingrich up 3 points over mitt romney. from los angeles fox news contributor and conservative radio talk show show tammy
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bruce. tammy, let me start with you. you hear it all over the place, people are slamming newt. newt still has a lead number one nationally if you look at the averages. there is still time for newt to turn this whole boat around and head back up the holes, no? >> well, that's the whole point of a primary season is we want to see these people react under some pressure. look, what newt gingrich is experiencing with the republics and with the media is nothing compared to what's going to happen in the general election with obama and his gang. so this is a really good test. we want to come book. americans love underdogs. we want to see people succeed. and this is what, again, for the attacks that they undergo. things that are we revealed. ron paul or newt gingrich neither one of them had been vetted before in a certain way. ron paul is getting the brunt of this now. he may have run a number of times but never got up to where people actually learned
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about him. that's now happening as well. that's the entire point. of course gingrich is getting some of the protest vote for people who don't like romney. if he really wants this, he can blake it work. >> eric: john, we have seen the non-romney support go to michele bachmann she jumped to the top. rick perry, and herman cain and now ron paul, newt gingrich was in there as well. have you ever seen a race where so many have shot up astronomically and then inflamed out so quickly? >> this has been like a game of whack a monthly where sometime somebodiens head backs up. the news s. news media knock themselves down. i would imagine looking it the poll numbers there is a lot of whipping and nashing of teeth at the specter of ron paul potentially winning iowa and becoming the republic no, ma'am he knee. >> eric: tammy, john makes a good point. >> yeah.
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>> eric: difference between establishment republicans and conservative republicans. some would call them tea party republicans or farther right republicans. >> romney 25 could be considered establishment. 75 may not be romney. could be all congregating behind one candidate. who is that one. >> cope in mind iowa in 2008, huckabee won and then you had romney and then you had fred thompson and mccain came in fourth. you are logs at a have a rite of different factors. how these men and win respond where they actually do have to go around. romney just got the george h.w.en doors. the same with the dan yil endorsement. for the first time the american people are really having a say and we are saying enough of business as usual. we want answers. we are going to ask hard questions and we want the people to perform.
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>> eric: are we saying that? there are knows on the right who would say that the established republic is business as usual. >> of course. clearly. this is how we vote matters. this is why though the real -- i think the internet is driving it to some degree certainly and talk radio, we do want to know about romney and then shenanigans with the record. we do want him to answer myths about his personal life and we want people to know about ron paul's history as well and people are finding out. eric eric john last thought? >> if you look at mitt romney's campaign he has one run the mother. tv ads and things like that would have a impact. his attack ads on newt gingrich have had a positive. you can hits them and hit yourself. i is i what his attacks on newt have defined him but created do you want for ron paul.
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>> we have to leave it there. thank you very much. president obama continues to i -- unexpected criticism. we will show you who is speaking out against the president now. and, later, mitt romney in the no spin zone. what does he think of newt gingrich and president obama. you will hear directly from the governor back in a minute.
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spending the same poll shows 71% want cut spending and 59% cut taxes. class warfare strategy. listen to next change. >> i think this narrative of the class warfare, you know, that the rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer, it pits americans
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against each other and it is frankly unamerican. i don't think it's an award for him. >> the problem kathleen it is true the top 10% have really seen their fortunes increase dramatically in the 15 years. >> you have to appeal to people the same gallup report i keep coating 82% of americans care most the prevailing message needs to be hope and opportunity. they don't want the negative. they want the positive. >> i think most americans want to get into that top 10% by the way. >> of course. >> joining us now to handlize in studio kelly an conway political pollster and dick, the chair of the south carolina democratic party. it's going to be bad news for mr. obama if even tom brokaw isn't on board with the class warfare fight, right? >> well, i think, you know, class warfare is a term everybody uses as a practical matter cbs poll just a month ago showed that most persons
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two out of three americans believe that the wealthiest ought to pay their fair share. wealthiest americans people who over $3 million a year wrote off over the last three years $22 billion gambling losses. we all -- further, the top 1% with the bush tax cuts get $66,000 a year tax cut while. >> harpootlian the top 5% pay 40% and as you point out pay 70% of all the taxes put into the system. >> the average american works until april 1 to pay their taxes. their life and their time is as important to them as a rich person, a hedge fund manager that works until february 1st. now, this is like back to the civil war where people -- rich people bought their way out of having to serve their country. the question is is there a patriotic duty to support this country. the average american is working three months a year to
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support government. the rich guys work two. >> therein lies the problem, sir. when you add cost of government we are working well into may the average person to pay off the types of debt the deficit and tax liability. the point is that this is a very quick and easy cheap way to score political points but it's a terrible corrosive way for a president of the united states to govern a country. we deserve a president who wants to represent all people. not just the ones that he thinks aren't rich or he thinks should be taxed more. this man has gone from hope and change and sass pier ration to consultant fed sound bits. he is in full re-election mode and it's not going to work. >> dick, i can't tell you how many times the president and the white house the administration using millionaires, billionaires and corporate jet owners, meanwhile he is out there campaigning and fundraising and raising money from those millionaires and billionaires and corporate jet owners left and right at the corporate dime.
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using air force one to get to these places. >> there system, many millionaires and billionaires to support the president's position to pay more taxes. warren buffet is one of them. >> name four more. >> all the millionaires and billionaires don't want to be prited i can and don't want to contribute. by the way, president obama is also for cutting the federal deficit dramatically. there is two pieces to this. cutting deficit. cutting spending at the same time we have got to plug those loopholes and make sure everybody pays their fair share. equity. we need to go back to bill clinton. everybody did great under bill clinton tax. >> i need to let kelly ann respond to this. i agree with you cutting the deficit great. i haven't heard about him cutting spending. >> he doesn't. may i just say. i'm sure people watching do, you talk about people being punished by this president because they work hard and earn a dime and you are calling them unpatriotic because they don't pay every last dollar you can't squeeze every last dollar out of the
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so-called rich. don't call people unpatriotic because we don't pay 95% in taxes. now, back to the original point. what is president obama's tax growth plan? what is his plan to slash the deficit? this is a plan -- man who has no plan. romney -- they all have a flat tax plan. they all have a growth plan. all talking about prosperity and opportunity. look, the cost of food, fuel heating your home, unemployment, all of these are up under president obama as is poverty. you don't reduce poverty by trying to tax the rich and viewers are smart enough to know that. >> eric: she is right. food stamp usage suspect 10%. >> it's going to take more than three years to get over eight years of george bush. >> oh my gosh. >> when bill clinton left the white house he gave the keys to george bush, no deficit. surpluses as far us a could see and no war. >> the obama economy welcome.
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>> thank you guys. next on the run down, mitt romney on his conservative credits and the biggest mistake he has made along the way. the governor in the no spin zone. eric holder blocks a new voter i.d. law in south carolina. was that a good or mad move? we will debate it when the factor continues.
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>> eric: in the factor flashback segment tonight, a new poll from the "boston globe" shows republic presidential candidate mitt romney running away from the rest of the field in new hampshire. romney is in first place with 39% of the vote. newt gingrich and ron paul are tied with 17%. jon huntsman is in fourth place with 11%. romney recently visited the no spin zone for an interview with bill o'reilly. listen. >> all right. governor. i want to get people to know
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you a little bit here in a personal sense rather than a policy interview tonight. the first thing i want to do is run a sound clip from the debate last week on fox news. go. >> i have learned over time like ronald reagan and george herbert walker bush and others my experience over life over 17, 18, 19 years has told me sometimes i was wrong. where i was wrong i tried to correct myself. >> bill: what was the biggest thing you were wrong about. >> probably about the issue of abortion and life. i have always opposed abortion. but when i ran for office, i thought well, i can say and can understand the idea of leaving the law the way it is. the supreme court has made its decision i'm just going to say i will support the law and preserve the law as it exists. that was somewhat naive as it turns furens out because when i became governor i found out you can't support it the way it is. the law changes overtime. i had a piece of legislation that came to my desk that would redefine when life began
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in my state. also authorized the creation of embryos for experimentation and destroying them. i am pro-life i will defend the sanctity at this time of resume high of-sanctity at this of human life. >> i'm against it i'm not going to legislate because of roe v. wade. you think that is mass stake. >> yeah. i think that is a mistake. >> bill: people might say this is the same old romney. if you believe abortion is killing a human being you can't support it no matter what the law says. >> i was simply wrong. >> did you understand the seriousness of aborting a baby in your heart. what was your mind set then? >> it's hard to go back into that time frame but my view was that the supreme court had made their decision that roe v. wade had been settled for 25 years. i was north going to rebit gait that instead i would
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support the laws as texas cysted and preserves the rights as existed under the decision of the court. and what i found was that i could not do that. >> bill: couldn't live with it yourself? >> when i was faced with signing a piece of legislation that would authorize the creation and killing of human life, i could not possibly go along with that? >> bill: do you consider yourself a conservative thinker. >> i am conservative. i have become more conservative over time. >> bill: you weren't conservative when you were running massachusetts you were a moderate in my opinion. what changed you into a more conservative guy. >> actually i think my record as governor was a conservative record. >> bill: romney care is not a conservative thing. with all due respect. the thought behind it is. the government should get involved with people's health care. that's not a conservative position. >> actually, the idea as you know came from conservatives heritage foundation newt gingrich and the idea is this. we have today in this country insistence that government does treat people, that people
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that don't have insurance are given free care by government. that that was what was going on in my state. i said gosh, this is a problem. we are giving to people based upon the premise that government owes these people health care for free, that doesn't make sense. personal responsibility makes more sense where people should take responsibility for getting their own insurance rather than showing up at the emergency room and expecting government to pay for them. >> bill: correct me if i am wrong, personal responsibility didn't have much to do with romney care you forced them to buy it if they didn't they were sanctioned by the state. >> they got a responsibility to pick up a portion of the cost of their health insurance which in the past they were getting for free. >> i'm trying to figure out why a guy like you with a lot of business experience, a a lot of policy experience is going to the right. why are you going there? as you know there a are a lot of conservatives who think you are phony. you just want to win the primary. then you will go back to being a massachusetts guy again.
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>> the gadd news i had the same posture and views in my last presidential campaign. go back and look at my record as governor, i cut taxes. put together rainy day pound. insisted on immersion in our schools. the positions i took were entirely consistent with a conservative view that america is best when we invest in individuals, the responsibility for their own lives. >> bill: raves is coming down between you and gingrich. gingrich is positioning himself to the right of you. you say he is zany. >> miss comments about the justices and the congress sending the capital police to bring in judges, that's not exactly a practical idea or constitutional idea. frankly, the challenge i have with regards to newt gingrich is conservatism is that on the two big conservative movements in the last decade, one the
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effort to stop cap and trade, he he sat on the sofa with nancy pelosi second to reform medicare to make it financially insolvent he called that a right wing social engineering plan. >> gingrich would say i believe look these judges are out of scroll the ninth circuit of appeals say you can't have one mace under god in the pledge of allegiance and they have to be held accountable. a lot of conservatives are going to respond to that. >> there are a lot of decisions by judges i disagree with. you buy also agree with the constitution. the solution to judges out of control is not to tear up the constitution and say that the congress of the united states becomes the now ultimate power in this country that the kindness. >> bill: we do have out of control judges. >> the wonderful thing we can do is to follow the constitution. method for removing a justice. there is also a method for reducing coverage. that's the nature of
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democracy. >> bill: more with mitt romney and bill o'reilly in a moment. why does john edwards want to delay his trial on campaign finance charges. we will tell you when the factor returns.
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>> eric: continuing now with bill's conversation with mitt romney and his take on president obama. >> >> bill: what's the matter with obama's leadership he he is not doing a great job.
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what about obama the man? what is he missing in the leadership component in your opinion? >> well, one he he has never been a leader before. and so a few of us looked at him and said what do you think about selecting the man as president who has never led anything? he didn't lead in the illinois. >> bill: harvard review. >> it's wonderful to be able to be an author and editor but i'm talking about leading an organization. leading a group of people. growing something, hiring people, firing people. all the process of leadership. he has never had that experience. he didn't recognize that part of leadership is finding allies and friends across the aisle. and building relationships of trust and respect with them. working to find common ground. whether you do that in the private sector or in the voluntary sector as i did at the olympics or in the state of massachusetts where my legislature was 85% democrat. i have had the experience of leadership. this president hasn't. >> bill: is he a socialist? >> i prefer to use the term that he is just over his head. >> bill: have you got to look the ha its chick -- economic
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plan, top down. we spent trillions of dollars on that. people said listen, the guy is a socialist. class warfare. that's what he is going to wage against you. out of touch. is he a socialist? >> i consider him a big government liberal democrat. i think as you look at his policies you conclude that thinks europe got it right and we got it wrong. i think europe got it wrong. i think europe is not working in europe. i will battle him on that day in and day out. i'm probably not going to be calling him names so much as calling him a failure. >> bill: what happens if he wins again. >> i think we hit a greece like wall. >> bill: are we going to be greece. >> at the end of his second term if he were reelected there is a very high risk that we would hit a financial crisis that greece or italy has faced. i think it's also very possible that we would continue to see high levels of unemployment. i think you will see entrepreneurs big and small decide to take their business
5:36 am
elsewhere. this president has put together the most anti-investment, antigrowth and series of jobs i have seen since jim j carter. >> bill: what about north -- -- north korea? the nut job dictator died today. >> can i unveil myself best thinking of people around me and around the nation and look at all the options we have evaluate those. analyze that. >> bill: that's what herman cain said. >> i know a great deal about north korea. i would bring in a lot of people get a lot of opinions. analyze them thoroughly and then take action. >> bill: dangerous nation. >> very dangerous nation. right now with north korea now there is the potential that kim jong un will do something provocative. when change occurs, a setting is more fragile. there is also an opportunity in north korea. >> bill: maybe. >> if we are wise there. we might be able to encourage a greater degree of openness
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and see the kind of change there we had hoped to realize. >> bill: when you hear ron paul hear that the united states screwed up everything and we are -- it's our fault that the muslim jihadists are attacks us and that we should be friendly to iran and they don't really have a nuclear weapon, when you hear a guy like that who may win iowa, what goes through your mind? >> is he badly mistaken. the evidence points quite clearly to the fact that jihadism is not something we caused. we have to recognize that we are in conflict with jihadism and that ultimately the idea of iran having a nuclear weapon would suggest that fissile material may find its way probably will find its way at some point into the hands of hezbollah, hamas, or some other agent of theirs and the world will have nuclear terror. this is unacceptable to us. >> bill: you have to take military action to stop it because they won't cooperate to strangle iran to force them to stop it? >> probably the greatest failure of this president's administration, a failure of leadership was when he decided to give russia their number
5:38 am
one foreign policy objective which is removal of our missile defense sites from poland. he gave them that and did not get in return an agreement on their part for crippling sanctions against iran. unthinkable failure. if he was going to do that. >> bill: get something back. >> left china out there as the last man standing. >> bill: that was then and this is now. they they are chugging around trying to get nukes. >> military options that combine with crippling sanctions. >> bill: of course we have military options. >> we have developed in a way that iran understands we would use military options. >> bill: are you a tough guy? are you going to stare them down and say we are going to use them. if you bomb iran that will start world war three. they will try to block hormuz. oil will double. the unintended consequences against the united states all over the michelle world will be horrible. that's what iran is banking on. then there is the other side of the story which is not
5:39 am
taking action with tripling sanctions and treating them as they are and preparing military options if you don't do those things that iran has a nuclear weapon that nuclear material will ultimately be used. >> bill: no doubt about it you are telling me today that you are tough enough, all right, to take tell the mull also a over there because they are calling the shots. not the dopey ahmadinejad. you keep doing this, we are going to bomb you. >> we have a number of things we can do short of military action. >> bill: now? >> now. we have to prepare as well for military action. in order to concentrate their mind for pete sake. >> bill: last question here. to me the most serious problem facing the country is the 15 frld debt. you see the pinheads in congress they can't get together to cut 1.2 trillion. how are you going to cut this debt down? >> three basic steps. one eliminate a lot of programs that would don't have to have. >> bill: give me one. >> obama care is the easiest. then there are others. take other programs growing
5:40 am
uncontrolled rate like medicaid turn it back to the states and say that's going to go at cpi plus 1%. that saves $100 billion a year. number three we cut workforce by 10% through attrition. we link federal pay with the pay that exists in the private sector. that's worth $47 billion a year. then reform social security and medicare. not for current retirees but for the next retirees. >> bill: they are going to be mad at you though. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves ar long. our legal team is on the case. tim tebow is a man of faith. so why do some people get so mad when he spreads the word of god? we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: eric eric thanks for staying with us. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. obama justice department banning the new voter i.d. law from taking effect in south carolina. the law would have required voters to present a state or federal photo i.d. at the polls but the department of justice argued it could make for too hard for minorities to vote and therefore violates the voting rights act. this decision comes just days after attorney general eric holder criticized new state voter i.d. laws and their potential effect on voting rights. joining me now from irrelevant vineer vine prosecutor what is the big deal of requiring a picture i.d. before you go into vote? with all the voter fraud and voter suppression going on, it's an i.d. >> here is the problem, eric, laws have to be in response to something. there is all of this talk about voter registration fraud point out the fraud.
5:44 am
the bush administration, the justice department. >> eric: acorn. >> acorn. let me point out some facts. from 2002 to 2000', undertook this massive investigation. we're going to find fraud. 300 million votes, eric. you know how many people prosecuted, eric? 86 out of 300 million. where is the fraud? this is a pretext. south carolina already has a law. what does that law do? it requires identification. this will disenfranchise a nation. let's tall it what it is. it is an act to ensure that mr. obama doss net get reelected. >> is it an act to ensure that he doesn't get reelected or allowing people who may not be legal to vote. >> you know what it is intended to do allow the right person to vote. what is the big deal about having to have a photo i.d. i don't know how a citizen in this country can get through life without a photo i.d. so what they are being asked to do is not something that
5:45 am
they shouldn't already have it is not a big deal to have a photo ifd. i need a photo i.d. when i vote here in north carolina why not in south carolina? with this day and age so many people have their identities stolen to have someone have a photo i.d. is not a big deal. >> there are 82,000 people in south carolina who don't currently meet that requirement. furthermore, as a result of that, you are disenfran triesing people. we need to live in a democracy that makes it easier for people to vote not harder for people to vote. you are talking about students, elderly. >> how do they get to the polls to vote that they can't get down to the dmv to get a photo i.d.? >> the dmv for photo identification purpose was they talk about we will give it to you free. all these hundreds you have to jump through. >> that you can get from the
5:46 am
recorder's office. >> eric: john edwards wants to delay his trial because of a medical condition. can he? >> he will be able to do it. six counts he is facing felony counts. the consequences are in -- hundred pages of discovery. 91 emails. 26 voice messages. you need time to prepare. remember, this eric, he was only indicted on june 3rd of 200011. give him some time and let him prepare adequately. >> eric: anita, does he deserve time. >> well, okay. here is where i don't totally disagree with joey. yes, the defense needs time to prepare the case. they just got new evidence. here is what the judge really needs to do that it hasn't addressed. set deadlines and dates and say we come in on this date. i want to mike sure the prosecution has turned over everything. the defense has turned over everything and keep it on a time line. medical issues that he has that are under seal. i need to speak to the doctor.
5:47 am
eric eric it's the holiday season. >> tim tebow is very public about his faith in god. some folks say he should keep it to
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>> eric: in the back of the book segment tonight, denver broncos quarterback tim tebow suffered a bad loss over the weekend and some folks just can't help but kick the boy while he is down and mocking his deep and public displays of devotion to god. sport filled with drug addictions and others why is he so -- recently debated the issue. >> bill: counselor, begin with you, you don't think mr. tebow is acting appropriately when he goes down on one knee and
5:51 am
says a little prayer? >> no, i don't. excessive celebration is not allowed. i don't think that he should be wasting people's time advancing his belief. he should be focusing on football. that is what he is getting paid to do. that's what fans are wanting to see. i think that he is just propagating his opinion and if he was praising allah a lot of people would be outraged. he needs to focus on the game and that is what is he there for. that's what he is getting paid to do. >> he is not violating any league rules. it isn't bringing in sanctions from the nfl. not publicly praising anybody. not saying anything. is he just demonstrating. i don't know whether he is facing mecca or not. it really doesn't matter. is he an american even though he is a football player. if he he is not violating team or league rules, certainly has a right to do that, does he not? >> well, whether or not he has a right to do it does it make it offensive and is that what he is there for?
5:52 am
>> bill: they don't have to go to the game. they can stay home. >> isn't that -- i apologize for interrupt you. >> bill: that's okay. >> agree with you. they do have the choice to stay home but they lieutenant shouldn't be subjected to that. we no longer have displays for the national day of prayer. people outraged. our own president won't recognize them. >> christianity is not. >> bill: you say it's not okay. >> i'm not a fan of religion and sports. when they interview the athletes after games and they praise god i always say what they wanted the other team to lose and god has more important things than who wins or loses a football game. a guy putting a knee down, couple weeks ago there was orchestrated in the end zone where a buffalo bills player pretenting he was not in the leg. >> bill: plays co, burris. guy putting his knee down god
5:53 am
bless him. >> bill: do you watch football games kelly? >> i do. >> bill: what about in the end zone and some people think that's ridiculous and demeaning to the other team and shaking the booty and all of that. does that bother you? >> absolutely. sometimes it seems very unsportsman like. and i think that. >> bill: you can get a 15-yard penalty if you taunt and go over board in the thing. i'm coming back on the expression. i don't think it's offensive for tim tebow doing what he is doing to the majority of people. i think it's just sperdzing his right to do what he thinks is right. let me ask you this. >> i want to see you boogie. >> bill: i can do it appeared i need a little more area here. tebow's philosophy. not only his philosophy but his life is.
5:54 am
>> this is his belief system. i interviewed him here. he has to give praise. god doesn't pick the winners of the jets oklahoma radars game. absolutely right. however, tebow firmly believes whenever he does something well it's because he was given the gicht by god. consistent with his religious belief. >> i happy to agree buy. i also found amusing some people took offense that he rallied his team before a recent game and quoted a few verses out of the bible? players took offense at that. how many good books some of them have looked lately. >> imposing himself on other people. isn't forcing people to listen to him. i don't have a problem with it the philosophy of tim tebow is
5:55 am
to give praise to got for everything that goes well in his life because he believes his accident was collectly given by god. i don't know why anybody would be upset by that what about the players knocking him. that was pretty offensive when the players from the detroit lions. those players turned to salt shortly after that game. did you know that? >> i did not know that but thank you. >> bill: reference from the bible. i'm sorry for you are seq. could you lahrists. when -- poor lots wife is sittig there and salt shaker. what, they turned to salt? [ laughter ] we will end on that high note. >> eric: pinheads and patriots on deck with a touchdown to beat all touchdowns. p and p moments away. - hi, i'm halle berry, and as a new mom, i can tell you that childhood is a magical time. but for children with diabetes,
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finally tonight. pinheads and patriots what maybe are calling the football of the year or the century. wide receiver jerome simpson showed off extraordinary skills. take a look. >> wide open. right in the end zone by joe roam simpson. oh, goodness!
5:58 am
you'll be seeing that the rest of the day and the entire week. >> now he should have walked over and done one of these and he would have been on every news channel. to help lead his team to victory. a patriot. a quick reminder. if you purchase a premium membership you will receive the copy of his bill's best-selling book, "killing lincoln," and they are bringing their tour to santa barbara. tickets are on sale at bolder be sure to check out "the five" at 5:00. i'm in for bill o'reilly and the spin stops here because we are looking out for you.
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>> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, december 27th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen this morning. it's exactly one week until the iowa caucus. just as the g.o.p. candidates make a final push, they're getting some company. occupy caucus is coming together in the hawkeye state. we'll explain. >> great. hi, everybody. i'm steve in for steve. plus first it was pearl harbor. now, newt gingrich invoking another historical reference to get a boost in the polls. but is it working or is it too late? we'll take a look at newt's new christmas 1776. >> guy likes history. >> they came out in droves bringing back those unwanted christmas gifts. started at 5:00 a.m. yesterday morning, if you can believe it. what presents made the cut?


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